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Alexander Group: Helping savvy sales leaders address 14 tough decisions

Being a sales leader is no picnic and there is no end of difficult decisions to be made. Here are 14 decisions Revenue Partner sponsor Alexander Group helps clients address:

  1. How does our sales organization measure up to our competitors on vital performance benchmarks?
  2. What sales strategy should we pursue to make the most of our market opportunity?
  3. Which sales growth levers are most likely to help us achieve our revenue vision?
  4. Is our current sales organization structure aligned with where we expect our growth to come from?
  5. What sales compensation plan will best inspire our salespeople to engage in the behaviors we want?
  6. How do we equitably set sales quotas? What percent of the force should we target to make plan?
  7. How do we realize the sales transformation possibilities offered by new digital technologies?
  8. What’s the best mix of field account managers, inside sellers, industry specialists and channels partners?
  9. In a parity environment how can we command a premium for our offerings?
  10. How can we get sales team members to adopt new practices and embrace necessary change?
  11. Do our current sales role descriptions adequately address changing sales job requirements?
  12. Does our market opportunity justify investing in additional sales resources?
  13. What should we expect from our sales ops function? How do we measure their contribution?
  14. Do we have the data analytics and data visualization platforms we need to make decisions in a timely way?

In addition to client site consulting services, Alexander Group also pursues independent research and hosts executive forums, think tank symposiums and special interest roundtables to help clients stay current with the state of the art.

Alexander Group clients include dozens of global industry leaders

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2021 Alexander Group Executive Forum
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24x7: The Next Chapter

  • As you redeploy sales resources to the field, will customers still prefer information and solutions delivered virtually?
  • What impact will new digital possibilities have on sales, marketing and customer services?
  • Will customers still insist on crisis-mode access to resources and service accommodation?
  • Special sessions for CEOs, sales leaders, sales enablement execs, and more!
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